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June 23, 2006



These were my classics Mick Tyner Surveillance Audio Amplifiers: The Cult of Electronic Super Hearing and Spook Book: A Strange and Dangerous Look at Forbidden Technology


Howdy! Thanks for the suggestions, Bigman. Do you have the authors' names or the publication data for either book? I'd really be interested in checking them out.


Woops, my mistake, Bigman. Now was Mick Tyner the author of both books?

Don Rearic


I still have "The Big Brother Game" and gave away "How to Get Anything on Anybody" a few years back with several other books you probably have. 8-)

I also had a Bionic Ear, the same type you spied with your beady eyes in catalogs like "Parallax." When I worked for an alarm company for several years, I actually used it quite a bit. It worked like a charm. I had to stake out this place which fabricated various structures out of aluminum. The aluminum people ripped off was expensive enough, but when they ripped off things that they manufactured out of aluminum, that was material plus time in manufacturing which was quite expensive. The thieves would come across railroad tracks and then get over the fence. I kept waiting for one of them to get smashed by an Amtrak. Unfortunately, that never happened. But with the Bionic Ear, I could hear them in the dead of night.

I actually had an electronic Stethoscope on E-bay, it didn't sell. Someone wanted to pay $17.05 for a Marty Kaiser unit that cost about $325.00 - 375.00 and I only wanted $125.00 for it.

Funny world.


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