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July 16, 2006



Gene Simmons? Hmm.


"I'm different, therefore I'm different" - I like that one.


PC police. I understood what you were saying. I could even articulate the fact that you were attempting to communicate that said act would be seen differently in the 'more natural' context of a heterosexual relationship. But, read this sentence on its own.

I tried to explain to him that many of his kind were enamored of an act which I find so aesthetically revolting that I won’t even perform it upon a woman.

Painting targets on yourself man.


'Gadster, I honestly don't see it that way. If we assume that consensual sex between adults is just that --consensual-- then surely my own preferences (women, avoiding certain acts) were every bit as valid as this gent's desire to be buggered.

Part of my point was that not all objections to the "strange ranger" lifestyle are based on fear. Some are on religious grounds, some on semi-biological grounds (most chordate species come in two sexes for a reason:reproduction), and in some cases, the dislike is based on aesthetic preferences, among many others.

If *he* chose to drink the "homophobia Kool Aid" served during communion at the Orthodox Church of Homosexuality, that was his business. Expecting the rest of the world -- or even only me -- to *validate* his belief system, however, was a bit much.

I certainly *do* find that particular act disgusting, but that doesn't mean I "fear" people who engage in said, any more than I fear escargot or tequila, both of which I also find revolting.

I hate to wax vulgar (Ah, bullshit! Who am I trying to kid?)but there are guys out there who find "muff diving" revolting. Does this make them misogynists?


I think you missed my point. I agree with the tone, tenor and message of your overall post concerning the homophobia and what all. What I was specifically commenting about was one sentence. The sentence stated that you found an act so disgusting that you wouldn't even do it to a woman.

Makes you sound like quite the misogynist. Add that to some other comments and a background of one true failed love...


Yeah, good point, 'Gadster, ol' chum. I caught that myself once you'd sent me the off-blog email. I really should have phrased it a bit differently.

Truth be told, I'm not a misogynist at all,although I probably should be. It's profitable, after all! Take a look at the lyrics of any given Led Zeppelin tune and see what it did for them...

Heh heh heh...

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