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July 26, 2006



Good Lord. Is there no one who did NOT have the pleasure of experiencing the morgue by accident?


I don't know, sweetheart. I really don't. Some people, perhaps? Maybe some never have seen and never will see it. I'd certainly like to think so. The person who does see it -- provided that he/she has even a spark of empathy left inside, however hard he/she may be trying to smother it -- realizes that said room is the penultimate stop for "Human formerly known as _____". It's the "end of the line", and the end of a *life*, as well.

"By accident", I hope, is the only way anyone experiences it. I can scarcely abide the thought of anyone seeking it out deliberately.


Thanks for making Maiden once again MY thing and not a shared thing with ... Sometimes it's so easy to forget all that you were before the great fall into the abyss ... harder yet to remember all that you still are ..


Sorry to be so late in getting back to this one. I know the feeling of having to make a few "our songs" into "MY songs" again.

More than one song, more than one relationship, too.

As for who we are and were? I don't know that our fundamental essence changes. I am inclined, however, to believe that the situations we encounter -- and the response options we employ during those situations -- reinforce certain aspects of our character and attitudes. Food for thought, that.

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