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July 09, 2006



I don't recall ever noticing the sidewalks in PHV. I was always too busy looking at my shoes, wondering if my feet looked too big. I can attest to the movie action being much more lively in the "audience" than it ever was on screen. Thanks for the memories.


I'm smacking my head against the wall at the moment. Just thought you should know. You have tiny, miniscule feet! I've seen them! Hell, I thought you were gonna put one them -- well, somewhere painful,and let's just leave it at that, on a certain afternoon at the PX, back in '81! Luv ya!


I still worry about shoes that make my feet look big although I wear the same shoe size I wore in 8th grade: 6-1/2 (37). Some things never change. As a matter of fact, you were never in any danger from me. I didn't expect you to actually allow me to catch you and once caught, I had no idea of how to proceed since that wasn't in the plan. Nowadays, I always have Plan B, Plan X, Plan Z firmly in place before taking off on any wild tangent!


Almost forgot .. kisses to you. I'm very proud of you.


Aaagh! And "double aaagh!" even! Woman, you have tiny feet! Not a problem. I like women with small feet-- most of the time. Small feet are cute! And small!

I was worried about them landing on my "family jewels", however! Women tend to have lower centers of gravity than men! This concentrates the considerable power generated by their (curvy and sexy) hips -- but delivered by their dinky li'l trotters -- into a smaller area, which makes 'em damned good kickers. I've held the focus mitts for women before, and on a pound-for-pound basis, they can out-kick any man of comparable mass. Their delicate bone-structure is often a problem (they can generate more power than their bones and tissues can handle), but I digress...

Now back to the main rant! You're petite! You're female! These facts confer certain advantages!

I use entirely too many exclamation points!

I was also scared shitless! You should have seen the look in your own eyes! You'd have been scared shitless, too!

As for plans? You never would have caught me, had not that thrice-damned model tank distracted me and set me to drooling like Pavlov's dog!

You, my dear, had it "all over me", insofar as planning was concerned. Grabbing me by the lapel and snarling "What the **** did you say to me?" was sheer brilliance on your part. I must have towered over you by half a head or more, but my hands went straight to my -- well, you get the picture -- all the same.

I honestly didn't know whether to shit or turn green...

My hat is off to you, Ma'am, for your ability to "think on your feet" and your ability to press a tactical advantage!

You "took me down a notch" when I needed it. John and Mike took ages to let me "live it down". :-D

In closing, let me state that the kisses and the pride are entirely my own, and are directed at *you*, as you deserve them far more than do I.

Of course I can say things of this sort! My blog, my prerogative! Luv ya, "Kentucky Woman"!


Just make sure you stay on my good side now that I'm older, wiser, and better prepared! :)

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