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August 12, 2006



Who called you a South Park Libertarian??? I love it! Uh yes, if I were you, I'd be gravely offended ... but if I were you there would be a lot of radical changes being made - starting with your fondness for mooning!


And I certainly hope it's not MY gray hair you're blaming yours on!


I very well might be doing just that ... There are no coincidences, damnit! I know this to be a fact, because Art Bell once said so!


Look, there is a cure for that. I would refer you to my hairdresser, but it's a little bit of a haul. Surely there are hairdressers down there. Don't be ashamed: men dye their hair all the time too. Just take the plunge. While you're at it, a manicure and pedicure would probably make you feel better too. It's not a comment on your manhood (smirk), just uhhh, you know, trying to age as gracefully as possible!


Actually, I'm just grousing for the sake of grousing. I have no intention of plucking, dying or otherwise messing with my greying facial hair. I'm not at all upset by it, as it's a perfectly natural process. I'm gonna get old some day, I'm gonna go gray some day, and I'm gonna die some day.
End of story.

As for manicures and pedicures and all that? Not on your life, gorgeous! I ain't lettin' no hairburner anywhere NEAR my hands. They're usually too busy scratchin' my "manhood", even when I'm in public.


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