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August 01, 2006



I'm in... but you knew that. :)

Do I get to wear a funny-looking hat?


Yes! You get to wear a funny-looking hat! You can wear a DPM miter, if you like! Now I'm getting somewhere!


Please post pictures ...


Well Hell son...iff'n it's good enough fer Slugg.
I respeccfully request that I be the Minister of GRAFT & Corruption...at least fer the occupied territories north of the Mason/Dixon line....Besides,our Governor can spend more of his $$ to buy his position than yours can.
Send all contributions in non sequential 20 dollar bills well wrapped in manilla envelopes to Dave...he will forward me my cut for Mrs Leeds child support payments ;~)
I await my roll of gold braid before I go and have my uniform made.

Marc MacYoung

So's who's making the hats?


Not sure yet, dude! I was planning to "outsource" and wanted a few pointers, but Kathie Lee Gifford isn't returning my phone calls...


Don't leave me out. I want to wear a hat. I can lift one from the Indiana State Police. They seemed to really appreciate my comments the last time I went to the F1 in Indy.

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