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August 13, 2006


peter greene

hey man not sure if youll ever read this but yeah i'm trying to make some pumpkin booz and i was wondering if i should use brown sugar or white sugar. also which method works better the complicated one or the just stuff it in there method
anyways wrte me back if you get the chance
pete greene


Howdy, Pete.

White sugar works very well, but gives the booze a sharp, dry, "cidery" taste. Brown sugar results in a mellower, more substantial brew, but its impurities lead to nastier hangovers.

As for methods; go with the first, as the pumpkin is less likely to burst during fermentation.

Take care,



I feel as though this won't be read seeing how I'm posting years after the original date, but: Are there other internet sources I could use to learn more about this pumpkin "booze"? I'd like to have no doubts when I attempt to do this. Also, do you know of any videos I could reference?


Yeah,George. Just google the term "pumpkin gin." I'm also pretty sure that one or another of the Foxfire books includes a recipe.

Account Deleted

How much sugar should I use? Should i fill it to the top, half way, or what?

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