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August 05, 2006



Seems they come in all sorts of flavors. Do I really need to go overseas or can I find this brand locally?

Mollie Bryan

How about "homegrown" Timothy McVey?


Actually, Mollie, that's a very good point. In addition to Tim McVeigh, the Unabomber, and Eric Rudolph, we could go even farther back to the SLA, the Weather Underground, etc.

The trail wouldn't stop there, either. Many of the activities of the KKK, particularly during the mid-60's would certainly qualify as terrorism, as well.

And it goes even deeper, still.

In the future, I just might actually write a fairly detailed post (just for shits and giggles) on the history of "homegrown" terrorism.

I haven't touched upon it recently, however, as it's not especially relevant to what's happening right now.

For the last two decades, most "homegrown" terrorists have had far less impact upon our lives and liberty than the current crop.

No, the glassy, fearful eyes of the public are fixed overseas, specifically on the Middle East.

My reason for writing the post was to illustrate that there are, in fact, non-Muslim terrorist groups out there, but our "global war on terror" is conveniently leaving them out.

Thank you for your comment, Mollie. You've given me a very good idea for a future post. It's a subject that really does merit some coverage, for various reasons.

Take care,


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