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October 17, 2006



Good rememberance Dave.
Though not as nutty/violent as you were, I remember similar times in those painful, beer soaked, adolescent days of the mid '80s.


Thanks, Bro. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Those were strange days indeed, now weren't they?

Painful? Yes. Beer-soaked? Yes. But looking back -- and doing so objectively -- I'll bet you had as much fun as I did.

Just call it a hunch.

Moving right along:

I'll plead "guilty" to "nutty", but either "nolo" or
"dminished capacity" insofar as "violent" is concerned. :-)

Most of the real "violence" during my teens occurred either in Germany or (sadly enough) between my own flesh-and-blood brother and myself.

'Werde und will aus einer Mücke ein Elefanten nicht machen, so I'll admit up front - as in the post - that most of the "violence" consisted of: "dick waving"; "hit and run"; "boys being boys"; and "pissing on fire hydrants", metaphorically speaking, of course.

Note the use of the past tense.

I'll never forget those days (nor, to my mind should I; He who does not learn from history is bound to repeat it, etc.), but I've no great inclination to avoid the present or evade the future, either.

Given the cathartic nature of most of the shit I've written on this blog, one might assume that I'm mired in some quasi-mythical version of some past I can never reclaim.

No. Wrong.

I'm still human.

Every moment through which we pass and every experience we have provide the basis for a new set of fond memories, and I'm building my "database" even as I type.

If my old "fond memories" consist of deadmen and friends who haven't been "friends" for years, then my new ones consist of a BBQ, rants, grinders, gardens, tossing knives, a few shooting forays, and watching the wide-eyed infant children of a few "new" (but no less close) friends grow up.

And I'm looking forward to doing it all over again; this time with the benefit of a bit of wisdom and experience.

The mind is an amazingly fertile field -- truly a "year round garden", in which the seeds of the past take root in the present, and bear fruit in the future -- and as fondly as I may remember those "Boys (and girls)of Summer", I have a gut feeling that the "Men and Women of Autumn" are the ones with whom I'll bide the "winter".

At any rate, a certain person has the grill, I have the wood, and the first frost isn't far off...


Hey, Bro - If you'll remember, Chris kicked my ass a time or two as well, and DAMN didn't we have fun back then?? We thought we had the world by the short and curlies! J.R.


"a real behemoth" huh? Well at least there is something about me out there on the internet.

Your memory amazes me. I can't remember much about those days. I have a bad tendency to repeat mistakes a couple of times before I finally learn. But I do remember that swim and that almost animalistic sense of freedom I felt that night, almost like we had turned into wolves and were running wild. But I don't remember the close encounter with john law on the way out. So much of those days has been lost to time and so many of those faces have faded away. So much shit I wish I had handled differently.

Anyway, having stumbled across your site I thought I should at least wish you the best this holiday season.

Be Well

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