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January 09, 2010


Wakefield Tolbert

More moronic piddlings from the taskmasters of Government. More mercurial, you might say, than some of their other asinine edicts.

So the proximate solution the Gaia Goofs having in mind to temper the load on the the coal plants that have as part of their burning effluent the residue of everything from mercury to uranium (though generally not weapons grade, mind ya)is to place mercury right in our homes.

The only caveat of good news here is that when it comes to industrial applications, the florescent light has been around for some time in factories further back than when Rosie the Riviter was having her skin turn pale while helping Johnny make warships in WWII. No reports of serious illness then other than being pale all the damn time and even at that it was hard for the kids or the leading science mags of the day to either give a shit or proclaim one way or another if this was due the lack of UV or just mom being ass-whipped at the end of 12 hours of industrial production.

Yours truly at my age would doubtless not care one way or another.

Oh well.

But think of things like this: Now all of us can double up on "homeland security" (Mercury in the house in vapor form is Code RED) as well as the occasional urchin gettin' into the cabinet and spilling one of those nifty vapor bombs and just buy a HAZMAT suit already.

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