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January 11, 2010



20 reflects the armament of the time. If Rodgers had a repeating rifle, and a suppressor, he woulda said "fuck knives and hatchets, that shit'll get blood and guts on your boots. Shoot fuckers, ideally in the back."



Disagree. Knives and Hatchets make much less noise than gunfire, and Rogers' Rangers were all about stealth.

I remember being very impressed with Rogers when I read "Northwest Passage" by Kenneth Roberts, back at the age of...I dunno, 10 maybe...and then checking the actual history and being very impressed with how accurately Roberts had depicted the events.


Suppressors are issued to recon units for a reason.

Also, people tend to make noise when you attack them with a knife or hatchet. Yeah, sentry kills and all that. Not really an option with the hatchet. The Rangers didn't really do that sort of thing-hell, just about no one does, we don't even teach that sort of thing to SOFs these days because it's far to unreliable. This order was given to keep people from employing their muskets at close range, not to make the near-mythological silent kill.

Wakefield Tolbert

Speaking of Things Militia oriented, Dave, I WAS curious (and I know your generous time is well worth it, bruthu) about some things a lefty web warrior wrote some years ago. This crapped out system of mine got befucked one day and I lost the links that the research allegedly can be found at, but the basic gist I have in memory.

We both know by now the Emory's Bellisiles was a complete doofus and fraud when he claimed (and working in downtown Atlanta, he claimed the unlikely event of a FLOOD at Emory U being one of the reasons he lost *HIS* notes) that early America was actualy bereft of guns.

He got nailed on that when he claimed that probate and court records and militia talk of the 1700-1800s indicated that the American Gun Image is all but myth, etc..

So I'll not bring up his crap again.


But here's some other claims that keep resurfacing from time to time:

1) People are 40 times more likely to kill themselves with a gun than some intruder or carjacker.

2) Efficient gun control in England and most other places in Europe has led to far lower homicide rates in those nation than in the United States.

3) The Second Amendment is an antiquated 18th century doctrine that had to do with forming militias quickly, and in those days guns had to be custom-built, for the most part. There was no time in an emergency to hire gunmakers and wait months for their manufacture for each custom piece. So every man was assumed to have his own at the ready. Today, the National Guard at the State level and the local city and county police at the municipal and local levels take the place of said "militia."

4) Note that the NRA ***never*** took the 2nd Amendment issue to the USSC--that happened by another route in the Heller case. They were afraid of the probably result. It was NOT at the instigation of the NRA and like-minded groups that Heller came down on the gun side of things; it was a lawsuit regarding DC guns laws.

The reason was that the NRA was always fearful of a "final" ruling from the USSC on the matter that would even trump the famous Miller decision, in which the Court did indeed come VERY close to proclaiming there is no such "right" to bear arms embedded or implied in the Constitution.

5) The argument from some Founders that guns are the ultimate backstop, or "failsafe", against oppressive government is fallacious for several reasons. Ours is a Republic, and grievances are to be filtered via that process no matter the level of ugly discourse or problem. Else the system breaks down. Next, it should be noted that when it comes to famous tyrannies in the world, while it's true that some outlawed guns outright, others did NOT. Saddam Hussein's Iraq had more guns in households per capita than the United States does. And these are mostly AUTOMATED weapons with BIG ammo reserves, per one study on the matter. But he was able to use the powerful Republican Guard to initiate a regime of terror nonetheless.

It was the UNITED STATES MILITARY, a half a cool trillion buckaroos, and much loss of young American life and equipment that got rid of Hussein---not some "people's armada" of gun toters, etc. Say what you will about the US invasion and the need or not to do so, but that's the ticket on getting rid of Saddam. It was NOT the patriots with guns fretting over rights. They were scared shitless anyhow. Government has other tricks up the proverbial sleeve if they truly want to be nasty. Be that Saddam's Old Guard, or some dystopian Orwellian nightmare state of New America under leftists. The best med-pack in this regard is to stop that kind of thing politically out of the starting gate, BEFORE things get out of hand.

6) The old standby that the Swiss are able to own guns and indeed REQUIRED to have one auto-weapon per household is missing key context in some arguments. Handguns are forbidden still. And these weapons are kept under lock and key and generally NOT to be used for sport or "home-defense" type situations or arguments of such. They are in reserve for war should it ever come. In other words, in sum, this is more an argument FOR gun control than against.

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