> Colorado '08

"We Don' Wan' No Steenkin' Weapon Laws!"
[Semi-] Desert Moon
A Pain in the Butte?
A Study in Composition
A Study in Tenacity
Castle Rock II
Good Mornin' Li'l Schoolgirl...
Happy Couple (?)
Happy Fuckin' Trails...
Homeward Bound
I Am a Rock -- And What Else?
I Can See for Miles and Miles...
I Wonder if I Could Chuck a Waterballoon...? -- Nah.
I've Created a Monster
In a Different Light
It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature -- or Drop Acid, Eat 'Shrooms, Drink Absinthe...
Literalism Gone Mad
Little House[es] on the Prairie
Mags Near the Summit of the Rock
Missed Opportunity
Neat Effect
Pure Subjectivity
Sunrise Over Castle Rock
Sure An' They're Uglier Than Death Eatin' Shit in a Slaughterhouse, But They're Edible!
Terrain Feature
Terrain II
The "Dog Bra"
Too Much Free Time...
View From the Bar
Where the Deer and the Antelope Might Conceivably Have Played at One Time
Yet Another Smashing View of the Rock