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Order in the Court, Part Deux

Order in the Court, Part Deux

The historic Davidson County Courthouse, as seen beneath blue and sunny skies. I took the shot while the nationally famed Lexington Barbecue Festival was in full swing, which explains the balloons and suchlike.

On a personal note: Scenes like this seldom fail to capture my attention -- or my heart. Chalk it up to nostalgia or "regional jingoism" if you will. I really don't give rat's ass, either way. What I do give a rat's ass about is the preservation of my culture, my heritage, and my (Southern) way of life. This shot captures the essence of all three.

"'T'was at the siege of Vicksburg...And the Minie balls were whistlin' though the air..."

Well, not exactly. 'T'was at the Lexington Barbecue Festival, actually. The town was under siege, to be sure -- but in the best possible way. There were no Minie balls in the air, to the best of my knowledge; only the sounds of music, hawkers, and snap'n'pops; and the smells of barbecue, roasted corn, funnel cakes, peanuts, coffee, and beer.

In the tune "The Church of Logic, Sin and Love," The Men sing: "I just had to smoke a cigarette and wear a hat." For my part? The cigarette was there, but the sun itself was my hat. I just had to wear a leather jacket and eat boiled peanuts.