> Road Trippin' II

Toto, We Sure as Hell Ain't in Georgia No More...
Mangroves II
Orange and Green -- At Peace, at Last
"Little Green Lizards?" Guess Again, MacYoung!
Awright, Bean! Enough With the Friggin' Mangroves, Already!
"Open the Door, Ye'..." (Well, Y'all Probably Know the Tune...) Said Barnacle Bill, the Sailor
I'm <em>Not</em> Imagining This Shite, MacYoung!
Jonathan Livingston Don't-You-Dare-Feed-The-Little-Bastards
Royal Palm
Mommy, Where Do Coconuts Come From?
Sable Palms
Don't Even Ask
A Parliament of Palms
Yep, Another One.
If This One Flies Up Yer Nose, Ye're In a World o' Shit...
Nuisance Photo
Pod People?